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Amsterdam Family Photographer Emily Fonseca

My name is Emily, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For 5+ years, I've been into Family and Wedding Photography in The Netherlands.

Until my 18s, I danced for 12 years, spent 6 in acting classes, and learned how to play drums but somehow I ended up graduating in pharmacy. But I have NEVER been a routine person, and there was always something in my head telling me I was doing the wrong choice living a "9-5 career". Guess what? I was right! I love being a photographer!

Photographer, vegetarian, lover of potatoes and irony.

I grew up having lots of memories recorded in VHS and Photography Albums. I remember being the girl with an analog camera on school days and then so curious to develop those images of my friends and activities. That was so cool to me.

In December 2015, I've got my first professional camera. 2 months later I did my first photoshoot, and I was so excited with that! The curiosity on how to direct people and use the correct lighting somehow felt like I should keep doing that. After that, I started working with Family, Events and Boudoir sessions on the weekends.

In 2017, I've graduated in Pharmacy and me and my husband moved to The Netherlands with our 2 cats. Was like a fresh start, where I should make a decision about my future job here, and I chose Photography.

Definitely, it's not easy to grow a business being an expat in a country that is so different than what you're used to. But I embraced the challenge and I can say that I really love what I do. With photography, I'm always meeting new people every week and getting to know different cultures, cities, and stories. All sessions are unique, and this is what motivates me the most.

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More about me:

Amsterdam Family Photographer Emily Fonseca

•I'm 1,54m

•Cat AND lover

•Lactose intolerant

•Vegetarian since 2020

•Art History enthusiast

•Train travels are the best

•I love potatoes. Like, a lot.

•Always listening to music. Always.

•Pink Floyd and DCFC are my fav bands

•I love jokes, irony and make people laugh

•I can have ice cream no matter the season

•Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons

Award winning photographer amsterdam


Collection 31 | February 2023

From almost 14,800 images submitted across Reportage Award entries, this photo was published among the winning photos.


Maternity Portraits V03 2022

This portrait of Erin was chosen to be published in the gallery of Maternity Portraits.


Couple Portraits V03 2022

Since 2021, I've had several photos selected for Photo Vogue's Platform. Click here to check my portfolio.


Couple Portraits in 2022 V02

This portrait of Marina + Ingmar was chosen to be published in the gallery of Couple Portraits.


Photo Vogue Italy

Since 2021, I've had several photos selected for Photo Vogue's Platform. Click here to check my portfolio.


By Mamas Amsterdam, 2018

In my second year of living in The Netherlands, I was honored with the Mamas Amsterdam Best Family Photographer Award, nominated and voted for by parents.

Emily Fonseca - Amsterdam newborn Photographer

The colder, the better.

Our Trip to Santorini

Our Trip to Santorini

Our Trip to Santorini

When I'm off the clock, I love dressing according to my current mood and being silly with friends

Our Trip to Santorini

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Award Winning Photographs

I am overjoyed to share my photographs published in renowned platforms such as PhotoVogue, This is Reportage Wedding, Amsterdam Mamas, and the Lifestyle Photographers Association. A big thanks to my clients for trusting me to capture those special moments, it's a true honor.

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