Are Keukenhof and Tulip Fields the same thing?

December 28, 2021

Spoiler: No!

Spring is a wonderful time to visit The Netherlands; The weather gets more bearable and it means we get to see heaps of the flowers that most represent The Netherlands: Tulips.

Holland (or The Netherlands, as you will) has one of the biggest touristic attractions between March and May: Keukenhof. Despite the unfriendly name, the explanation is simple: The largest flower garden in the world.

Ok, so between March and June we have tulips around the entire country, spread throughout the cities and also in the fields. These fields belong to farmers and companies that export their bulbs to every single place in this world (at least the ones that accept them ;P).
Let’s go straight to the point:



Keukenhof is a gigantic flower garden (mostly tulips of course), located 35km from Amsterdam with an excellent infrastructure: cafes, toilets, gift stores, typical Dutch food and stunning spots for a photoshoot with me.

Are there flower fields inside Keukenhof? Yes and no. There are some fields around in which the entrance is prohibited and highly protected by security. The park has several gardens and covered pavilions with a huge variety of tulips.

How to get to Keukenhof: by car or public transport (leaving from Amsterdam, Leiden and Schiphol), and the ticket usually includes the round trip.

Tickets: € 19,00 (2020 price) – buy here!

Combiticket + Bus from Amsterdam: € 26- buy it here!


The fields of tulips/hyacinths/narcissus are spread out through the country, mostly in the north and south. They belong to companies and public transport to access them is practically non-existent. There are several bike routes around the fields but only for observation since the fields are protected by ropes and are private property so any person entering them is trespassing.

So how do you work on the fields, Emily?!

  1. Having a car to reach them.
  2. Renting some available fields specifically for photoshoots.
  3. Some farmers/owners allow access.

Unlike Keukenhof, the flower fields are harder to reach, most of them do not have restaurants or any amenities however… they are gorgeous! I’m at a loss for words, every bit of difficulty to get there for a session converts into incomparable beauty and incredible smells!

When should you visit The Netherlands to see the tulips?

This question can be easily answered in one word: APRIL.

Despite Keukenhof already opening in March, there usually aren’t many flowers in the outside areas, I admit it’s kind of depressing visiting the park on the first week. Only the pavilions are full and the same goes for the Flower Fields since the flowers usually bloom around the first week of April.

PS.: Of course all of these things depend on the weather and the warmer winter/spring is the faster the flowers will appear.

The pros and cons about having Keukenhof and Tulip Fields Photoshoots

Let’s all be honest here.

Keukenhof Photoshoot:

Pros: Easy access, close to Amsterdam, infrastructure, ideal for portraits, couple, and especially Family of photoshoots. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Cons: Around certain days/times the garden can get really crowded, but it’s all a matter of patience, time and angle.

Flower Fields Photoshoot:

Pros:Beautiful place and gorgeous results.

Cons: On sunny days the pictures need to be made close to the sunrise and sunset. I recommend it for couples and solo sessions. Family sessions get a bit more complicated since it is usually a small area to walk around, especially with kids.

I hope to have helped explain these differences 🙂 If you’re looking to schedule a photoshoot with me, be it on the Fields, Keukenhof, Amsterdam, or anywhere else, click here

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