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Your photography business journey doesn't have to be a solo venture. I have committed myself to providing specialized photography mentoring, with a focus on a documentary approach. Since 2017, working in Amsterdam has afforded me invaluable experiences through interactions with expats, locals, and travelers from around the globe. This diverse exposure has sharpened my ability to understand people and connect with them, enabling me to weave compelling stories through my lens, regardless of the session's length, from brief 1h couple sesh to extensive 12h wedding coverages.
My mentoring sessions are designed to be all-encompassing, tackling both the artistic and business sides of photography. 

They aim to refine your technical skills and enhance your narrative approach in documentary photography, along with mastering the subtleties of working with couples, families, and especially children. Furthermore, I dive into essential business aspects, including optimizing client experiences, managing the photoshoot day, and handling post-session workflows.

TLDR: My photography mentoring is about real growth and keeping it simple. Let's boost your storytelling skills, improve your photography techniques and getting smarter about running your business. 

Create images with intent


Join my "Day in Life" family photography workshop for a full-day experience, packed with essential learning and hands-on practice.

Whats included:
  • Portfolio review
  • Client experience
  • Shooting guidance
  • Workflow improvement
  • Constructive photo critique
  • Editing and delivering your images
  • Second shoot a session with me

Workshop Day in Life 


Join my "Day in Life" family photography workshop for a full-day experience, packed with essential learning and hands-on practice.

What's Included:
  • Portfolio Review
  • Client Experience
  • Shooting Guidance
  • Workflow Improvement
  • Constructive Photo critique
  • Editing and Delivering your images
  • Second shoot a session with me

Workshop Day in Life 


For quick, personalized advice, book a 90min virtual session with me. It's your opportunity to ask any photography questions, covering everything from shooting techniques to marketing strategies, improving your photography skills, 

Before our call, you'll fill out a questionnaire about your challenges and objectives. I'll then prepare a customized proposal tailored to your needs, ensuring our session is efficient and targeted directly at enhancing your photography journey.

1:1 zoom mentoring


Join my intensive 5-hour workshop,  designed to immerse you in the core principles of photography. This hands-on session is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts eager to explore the artistic and technical sides of capturing stunning images. 

What's included:
  • Basic camera settings
  • Composition and framing
  • Lighting fundamentals
  • Shooting techniques
  • Practical exercises 

Basics of Photography

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