It's not about posing and smiling at the camera. It's about being you, having fun and/or simply be yourself while I'm there to document the emotions and guide you for honest portraits.

The majority of my clients were in front of the camera for the first time in their lives, so don't worry, you're not weird and I know, the last time you took a photo was probably a selfie from your frontal camera. So I'm here to help you creating high-quality future memories.


Before you book me (or any other photographer), make sure you like what you see. Make sure to pay attention to colors (for example my editing process), and the easiest way to answer if you should book me is:

Do you see yourself on my pictures? If so, i'm the right one for you :)

My sessions are a mixed of documentary style - where I capture life the way it is with some guidance in terms of light, posture, things to do or talk to so I can get to know you better, and with that, comes the natural laughs, hugs and a true human connection, resulting in candid and honest shots.

I work with true feelings


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Choose your session theme

We will confirm the time and weather forecast on the day before our session. On the day of the session, I'll give you directions and any necessary guidances. Within 24 hours of your session, you'll receive a preview of the results, and I'm sure you'll fall in love with them.

before and after session


I offer customizable packages to suit your needs. Once we confirm the date, package, and location, we'll finalize everything with an online contract and provide you with a clothing guide. To secure your booking, a €100 deposit is required, with the remaining amount due on the session day.

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So you like my photography style and see yourself in my photos? Then we can make a great team! Please use the form below to get in touch and I'll reply you ASAP.



How it works


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Album making

If your package includes an album or if you want to purchase one separately, you'll receive an email guiding you through the process of selecting photos. Once you've made your selections, you can expect to receive a layout for approval. Upon your confirmation of color and text details, your personalized album will be delivered within 6 weeks, with shipping costs included for the European Union (UE).

For clients who have selected Combos, a separate email will also be sent for the Album Making process.

You'll receive an email with a link to your online gallery within 30 days after your photoshoot. For 3h+ sessions and weddings, the final delivery time is 60 days.

  • Preview within 24h
  • No awkward posing
  • Albums can be customized and purchased
  • Location, style guide, and planning assistance
  • The sessions can be Indoors, outdoors or a mix of them
  • Laughs, running babies, dirty shirts after a good ice cream are welcome
  • No selection process, which means you get all the best photos of your session fully edited in high resolution.
  • (An average of 80 images per 1,5 session are delivered)

For all my sessions

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What to expect 

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My goal is document memories, and my storytelling includes any kind of celebration life can bring. And by celebration, it could be just the fact you love the ones around you. Enjoy life.


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years as a photographer

I'm here to tell stories

You may be used to taking a picture and seeing it right away. But in my sessions, it happens a little differently. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to composition, lighting, and overall image quality. So when I see my couples/families with such sincere reactions in moments like smiling, running, and having fun, there's no reason to stop them to show photo by photo how it's been going on. Of course, if someone's hair is too messy or anything that gets in the way, I'll help with that, but overall, I just want you to be yourselves!

I want your session to be as stress-free as possible, and that includes my pricing. All of my packages include the session time, selection and edition of your files, checking one by one to deliver high-quality images to you. There’s so much more to photography than the click of the shutter. I’ve spent time working hard on my craft, investing in gear and education. Your investment reflects the value of the skills I’ve acquired and the services I provide.

It's not just about taking pictures.

Candid Images in a relaxing way.

Your photos should remind you how it felt to get married. I work from the schedule planning till the Album process.

I’ll document all that's going on, discreetly and with sensitivity, recording the day in the reportage tradition, capturing unstaged reactions, emotions, details, and as a result you get a rich, authentic visual narrative of all the facets of your wedding. Your story told in unforgettable, expressive photographs.

Fresh, timeless wedding portraits; 0% clichés, 100% you


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Are you ready to share your story?

Are you ready to share your story?

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