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You'll get an email with your online gallery up to 30 days after your photoshoot and will be able to enjoy them forever. You will be able to purchase prints, albums, and other products directly from your gallery.

The time and date will be confirmed on the day before our shooting.

I'll help you with directions and "things to do" if it's needed. You'll get a preview within 24h of your session and fall in love with the results.

After choosing your package, an online contract is carried out. A deposit must be made to secure your booking. I have standards packages but depending on your needs, customizations can be done.

So you like my photography style and see yourself in my photos? Then we can make a great team! Please use the form below to get in touch and I'll reply within 48h.

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It's not just about taking pictures.

I want your session to be as stress-free as possible, and that includes my pricing. All of my packages include the session time, selection and edition of your files, checking one by one to deliver high-quality images to you. There’s so much more to photography than the click of the shutter. I’ve spent time working hard on my craft, investing in gear and education. Your investment reflects the value of the skills I’ve acquired and the services I provide.

Het Schip Amsterdam | Family Photographer Amsterdam

Candid Images in a Relaxing way.

You may be used to taking a picture and seeing it right away. But in my sessions, it happens a little differently. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to composition, lighting, and overall image quality. So when I see my couples/families with such sincere reactions in moments like smiling, running, and having fun, there's no reason to stop them to show photo by photo how it's been going on. Of course, if someone's hair is too messy or anything that gets in the way, I'll help with that, but overall, I just want you to be yourselves!

Fresh, timeless wedding portraits; 0% clichés, 100% you.

Your photos should remind you how it felt to get married. I work from the schedule planning till the Album process.

I’ll document all that's going on, discreetly and with sensitivity, recording the day in the reportage tradition, capturing unstaged reactions, emotions, details, and as a result you get a rich, authentic visual narrative of all the facets of your wedding. Your story told in unforgettable, expressive photographs.


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