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Heirloom Albums: Cherishing Memories Beyond the Digital Age

As a family and wedding photographer in Amsterdam with almost 10 years of experience, I've observed the digital shift where countless precious moments are captured but often neglected. In this digital era, the true essence of photography risks fading amidst the constant scroll of images on our devices. Having a physical album emerge as a beacon of preservation, offering a tangible connection to irreplaceable family moments. An Heirloom Album is more than a product; it's an investment in your family's history, a way to cherish and relive moments in a manner digital media can't replicate


Choose from three sizes – 15x15cm, 20x20cm, and 30x30cm – with the flexibility to include 30 to 200 photos.


After you've provided the necessary information, I'll proceed with the album layout and send you a proof for approval or any desired changes. The product will then be shipped within 90 days. 

Available in three sizes
1-3 lines of customizable cover text
Handmade, hardcover, and engraved text

Prices include shipping to The Netherlands

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