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Couple Shoot Amsterdam

Couple Photography

For the modern and authentic lovers

Authentic and natural Couple photography for fun-loving humans who want their unique love story told, creatively and beautifully.

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2 locations and lots of fun

The Classic

The Adventure

90 min photoshoot

50+ Digital Photos

Sneak Peek within 24h
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Up to 4h coverage
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150 Digital Photos
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I usually hear that...

It's my mission to make you forget I'm holding a huge camera in your direction. At least it's what people say.

I know it can sound TOO intimate... but that's the goal. The coziest and easiest way to be the way you are. Also, the easiest to dance YMCA during the session.

Good news: You don't need to pay extra for propose your partner, You can book it as a couple session. I'll also help you create a nice plan so the surprise will be documented the best way :)

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Book me if...

... Are looking for awesome memories

... Like candid photography

...Only have one photo that's not a selfie for 2 years or more

... Value authentic moments of connection

... Wanna propose with a memory

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